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Join the Stirring Dragon Games Guild and get access to special members only perks! For about the price of a coffee each month, you’ll get access to behind the scenes content, giveaways and special events including video hangouts with the devs!

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Our Guild operates on a similar principle as other creator support platforms such as Patreon: members set up a recurring monthly donation and receive perks in exchange.

To join, simply set up a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more using the blue Paypal donate button on the sidebar, and then fill in the registration form below. Please be sure to register using the same email address associated w/ your Paypal donation. Once your membership has been verified (usually w/in 24 hours), you’ll have full access to The Guild section of our site. Discord Access and Live video hangout perks unlock after two months of membership. Please send us an email ( to request a Discord invite.



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If you have any problems with registration, please send us an email:

All donations are final and non-refundable, and do not guarantee receipt of any product, service, or other reward.

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