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Our Guild operates on a similar principle as other creator support platforms such as Patreon: members set up a recurring monthly donation and receive perks in exchange.

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Once your membership has been verified (usually w/in 24 hours), you’ll have full access to The Guild section of our site. Discord Access and Live video hangout perks unlock after two months of membership. Please send us an email ( to request a Discord invite.

For those that love the “sausage making” of game development, The Guild is the place for you!

In addition to live video hangouts where you get to ask the devs any game dev questions you like, there are already over 30mins of behind-the-scenes video that shows the evolution of the game (even before our first public engine demo at CommVex 2012) to now for you to enjoy.

Below is a sample of a short behind-the-scenes video from one of our weekly design meetings for Unknown Realm.

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