Mystery Feelie #2 (REVEALED: Mini Bestiary!)

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Back by popular demand… we present the Stirring Dragon Games Mystery Feelie #2!

UPDATE (5/23/19)! – Mystery Feelie #2 has been revealed: it’s a pocket-sized bestiary! The perfect complement to our mini-sized cloth map.

This tiny tome is a miniaturized preview of some of the monsters and lore that will be waiting for you to discover in Unknown Realm, featuring old-school pen & ink artwork by Raf Salazar. Keep it close, as you may find some advantageous hints that will aid you on your quests.

The Mystery Feelie Collection contains unique LIMITED EDITION items designed and created exclusively by Stirring Dragon Games to offer a taste of our upcoming classic RPG, Unknown Realm.  If you’re a fan of old-school computer or tabletop role playing games, you’re not going to want to miss out on the fun!

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