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The classic 80’s style RPG that came in boxes with cloth maps and feelies is under attack! Large companies want to continue the trend of digital only RPGs so they can push loot boxes and other forms of DLC on you.  We say no!  We want RPGs designed in physical boxes like we once had!  We want cloth maps to hang on our walls and feelies to hold in our hands!

Show your support for companies like Stirring Dragon Games that are bold enough to go against the grain to bring back these type of games with this “Save Ferris” inspired Save RPGs T-shirt!

Wear it proudly knowing that we are fighting for you (and your boredom) to bring back the type of games we adore.  And maybe, just maybe, together we will influence some of the larger companies to follow suit and do the same!  After all, large companies are well known to get their best ideas from indies.

• Softstyle Pre-shrunk T-shirt
• 65% polyester, 35% cotton

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