Don’t Feed The Trolls! Mug

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Don’t Feed The Trolls! Mug

Trolls are nasty, smelly, conniving creatures that would like nothing more than for you to walk right into their traps. Once you recognize them, do whatever it takes to stay clear and never ever feed them with your precious time.

Whether you encounter trolls online or inside your favorite video games, this classic-style fantasy mug featuring pen and ink artwork from Unknown Realm will always be there to remind you: NEVER FEED THE TROLLS!

• Ceramic 11oz. or 15 oz. (Large size)
• White and glossy
• EU friendly shipping — Ships from within Europe for European customers!
• Dishwasher and microwave safe [For dishwasher, do not use high heat mode and place on Top-Rack only. Repeated exposure to high heat may cause fading over time.]

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